Welded Wire Wall Art

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Reason #1:  The sculptures have scale enough to suit a large space without dominating the room and odd wall sizes offer unique opportunities for site-specific pieces.


Reason #2: Reasonable cost for custom art. You pay only for the wire and the work it takes to bend and weld it, never a frame and canvas or panel. Larger work costs very little more.


Reason #3: Resistant to moisture and sun damage. The wire is powder coated with a mold and UV resistant material. Even though the sculpture is mounted directly to the wall, it hangs a few inches away from it so air moves freely around and through the art.


Reason #4: Economically shipped. Large murals are made out of a number of separate images that hang next to each other and can be packed in smaller cartons for less expensive shipping.


Reason # 5: Have a very small carbon footprint (“Green Art”).  The material used to make the sculptures is grade 40 recycled steel wire. It has very little carbon in it.

The sculptures mostly utilize space. Less than 2% of most sculptures is metal.

The finishing coat is a powder-coating process where only the magnetized pigment adheres to the steel. No solvents. No wasteful over-spray.


I use recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard to package my sculpture for shipping


Reason #6: Can hang outside. It is weather resistant like outdoor furniture. 


Reason #7: Paint color can be matched to fit the interior design of the space.


Reason #8: Wire dictates the feel of the sculpture.  Each sculpture is unique in shape, size, and style because the wire is bent by hand. The feel from piece to piece is fundamentally different even when it’s the same subject.


Reason #9: Installation Sculptures are easy to hang They are very light. They can often be balanced on a single finishing nail temporarily or can be permanently installed by using anchors or wood screws.


Reason #10: The custom nature of the design offers me the opportunity to create the right piece of art for my clients and/or their customers. I work to create art that moves people emotionally or simply gives them viewing pleasure and brings them joy and a connection to the image.

Ten reasons to use wire art for your next project

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