Bart Soutendijk Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

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Some of the steel-rod sculptures for sale through my store in Quitman, TX

wire mural of child counting sand
1057 Counting Grains of Sand 24 X 35 in $1,000
wire wall art of flute players
1467 Playing Flutes 62 X 30 in $1,409.

wire mural of female nude on motorcycle

3082 Nude on a Motorcycle 30 X 22 in $1,000

Two horns and some violins wire wall art

926 Two Horns and some Violins 352 X 39 in $1,764
wire wall art of jazz singer

1535 Jazz Singer 61 X 36 in $1,980.



wire wall art of awoman kissng her knee
364 Kissing her Knee 33 X 35 in $700
wire wall art of Violin Player
1556 Violin Player 39 X 43 in $950
wire mural of a girl fixing her Hair
1014 Fixing her Hair 20 X 24 in $390
wire wall art of conductor
930 Conductors 72 X 48 in $3,006.

wire mural of two kids on a bike
7082 Boy and Girl on Bike 33 X 38 in $1,200

This sculpture and others are on display at
Frame-Up Gallery, Mt. Vernon, TX

wire wall art of seated nude
40 Seated Nude 21 X 40 in $800

wire wall art of lovers
430 Lovers 27 X 18 inches $380

However, I can make another one inspired by the same drawing
in about three weeks. Please email me for details.


wire wall art of cowboy saddling his horse
1110 Saddling up 48 X 36 in $1,728

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