Bart Soutendijk Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

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Examples of Steel-rod Wall Murals Commissions for Hotels


Jazz wire mural for Peobody Hotel  

Jammin (13 feet wide) was designed for the Peabody Hotel Group, Memphis, TN. The Peabody Hotel Group wanted a wire wall sculpture for their Hampton Inn and Suites that illustrated the music scene in Memphis.  The hotel is located a few hundred feet from Beal Street – a major jazz center and tourist attraction – and hosts many groups that come to Memphis for the music. I researched the area and made drawings of some of the musicians. I wanted to show the involvement of people with their music.  The drawings brought out the intense feelings and the wire emphasized that energy.

Hotel management liked the sculpture so much they asked that an additional figure be added to the group.  Because the mural is made of a number of characters that are individually hung, it was easy to re-arrange the pieces to maintain a visual balance.

Jazz wire wall art installed
Nude wire art for French hotel Seated Nude (24 X 33 inches) one of six pieces done for the luxury suites of Hotel Le Mas Candille in Mougins -- a four-star hotel on the French Riviera. The client picked wire because he wanted Matisse-style sculptures that were mold resistant .