Bart Soutendijk Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

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Examples of Steel-rod Wall Art Commission for School



Landscaping wire art  
wire mural installed at Darrow School Hands to Work, Hearts to God (3/32-inch wire, approx. 2 X 10 feet) after the Shaker saying adopted by the high school I attended from 1956 to 1960 -- Darrow School, New Labanon, NY -- which made it's home in an abandoned and refurbished Shaker Village in the Berkshire Mountains. Putting an all-boy student body to work once a week and -- in my case -- working off penalty hours on the weekends, served a young, developing campus well. These days, it's an upscale college preparatory school, "Hands to Work" is largely a character-building exercise, and there are girls -- a definite improvement, as far as I'm concerned.
Jazz Singer wire art Jazz Singer (36 X 56 inches)was installed at theDallas School of Music, Dallas, TX