Bart Soutendijk Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

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Steel-rod Wall Sculpture is Green Sculpture

When compared to other large works of art the wire wall sculptures I create leave a very small carbon footprint.

The material I use is grade 40 recycled steel wire. The same material used to make rebar. It’s soft and bendable. It has very little carbon in it.  It is made from recycled automobiles, appliances and construction materials in low-sulfur crude-oil burning furnaces using about 60% less energy than steel made from mined iron ore.

I use very little of the recycled steel. The sculptures are mostly space. Less than 2% of most pieces is metal.

I don’t use wood. I don’t mount the sculptures on canvas or paper or plywood and they don’t require a frame.

I paint the sculptures using a powder-coating process that utilizes only the magnetized pigment that adheres to the steel.  No solvents. No wasteful over-spray. Very little pigment is used because the sculptures are made with very little metal. The pigment is UV resistant reducing the need for future repainting.

The sculptures are very light. Shipping takes less energy. Packaging is less intensive and I use only recycled corrugated cardboard that can be recycled again.