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Artist Bart Soutendijk designs and builds custom wire wall art and steel rod wall murals for public, commercial, and residential locations. Bart' s whimsical wall hangings are the final step in a simplification process that starts with a client-suggested description, pencil sketch, photograph, or group of photographs. He makes and remakes a wire drawing to emphasize only the essence of the subject, then, like the poet who reviews every word, he re-examines every turn and curve as he bends steel rod into a wall mural.

The final installation of the art, a solid line in space in front of a moving shadow, has scale enough to suit a large wall without dominating the room. Bart's murals have been exhibited in many galleries and museums. Works are available through his studio in Quitman, TX, by contacting him directly.​

wire art for outdoor porch

wire sculpture of dogwood blosums

wire art of runners

wire sculpture of dogs in love

  Quitman Library project

wire art of utensils

wire sculpture of horse racing

wire art of mockingbirds

gallery & museum shows

wire art of bistro scene

wire art of child running around

commercial & residential

wire sculpture of kids on a bike

Pregnant mother and child

wire wall art matise-stylenude

custom commissions



Commercial and Residential Art

Convention Centers
Golf Clubs

Custom made Sculptures

6 examples of wire murals made to customer specifications and suggestions.


A few examples of wire wall art for sale through the Quitman, TX store.



Museum and Gallery Shows

Irving Arts Center
Armory Arts Center
Blue Moon Art Gallery
Clampitt Creative Center
Coos Museum
San Francisco Cow Palace
Ellen Noel Museum
Masur Museum
Palestine Museum

Story Collage

9 examples of groupings of wire wall art that convey a story or idea.

Free Standing Sculpture

Examples of free standing table top wire art

About the Art

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